Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Loose Moose Show!

Happy New Year everybody!
What a great way to start off the new year by a hilarious post by the ever so lovely Sam, Josh, Jonathan, Liam and Alex! Absolutely hysterical.

The Loose Moose Show by TheLooseMooseShow

Just by watching this, I consider these boys my best friends. lol. 

So this is the beginning! Woohooo, dance party in the beginning. It cracks me up how awkward they dance. Seriously, just look at Liam in the first picture lol. When I first saw this video, I only recognized Sam, Liam, Jonathan and Alex. I didn't know it was Josh until the video said, "Josh Madine" . lol.

Then, our dear boys were introduced to us with their lovely little dances. They are so quirky and awkward, but hey, that makes it even more funny to watch! Gotta give 'em props. I don't think I could do that without cracking up. If you look closely though, the boys are trying their hardest not to laugh. Hehe ;)
Every time I see this picture right up here ^ it reminds me of this beautiful ballet piece! LOL.
 We then move into the "Things You Just Can't Get Away With" skit. Very funny, boys, very funny. I wonder what the neighbors thought when they were doing this one, with the gun and the ski mask and stuff. lol. Jonathan is the poor, poor man who probably just got his pay check and is ECSTATIC! Then, little does he know, an evil, masked, mystery thief jumps out from behind the tree, and mugs him and takes Jonathan's wallet! Oh the humanity! Then the masked man runs down the street, shooting everyone in sight! How evil! It makes me laugh when the masked man is walking down the road, and he goes "Wuhey!" Just the way he says it. Then, the masked man reveals himself. Turns out, it's Josh! Oh boy. So now he is walking up to this guys house and knocks on the door. The way Jonathan pops up from underneath the door, it gets me every time. Everyone answers the door like that, don't they? ;) So he answers the door and I love the way Jonathan says, "Darling". Favorite accent ever. And it makes me laugh when Jonathan says "You stole it from me." The way he says it just makes me laugh. Yes, Josh is trying to sell the wallet back to the man he stole it from. We all know how this ends. Josh gets chased down the street by Jonathan.
 So in this scene, Alex appears to be "revising" as our British friends say (: and he is awfully bored. I don't blame ya buddy. So you know, he decides to waste time and procrastinate! Woohoo! Go procrastination!! But anyway so he puts on a great song, "Don't Stop me Now" by Queen. What a great song haaa. So ya know, he's jammin' OUT. He's having a good time, having a ball! lol, cheesy I know. But he's having an awesome time. Then, suspense builds as the door handle turns. OH NO, IT'S BIG BROTHER SAM. Better run to continue my studying. Sam opens the door. Nothing ever happened! "Sam, I have no clue what you're talking about. I am clearly doing my maths homework." Yup, typical teenager stuff.
Ah, the beginning of the "Love You"'s . That awkward moment when you tell someone you love them, but you don't know who they are. HEH. So Sam is "buying" a car and Liam is selling the car. Sam is going to buy the car, but then makes everything awkward by telling Liam that he loves him. Yup, the buyer tells the seller that he loves him. Perfectly understandable. I mean, is there anyone out there that hasn't accidentally let that slip? I know I have done it several times lol. So Sam rolls up the window, and Liam just awkwardly walks away. Amazing acting, guys!
So this is my favorite part of the entire video. The Dr. Who skit with Jonathan and Josh. The two of them together are absolutely hilarious! I've never actually seen Dr. Who, but by reading other reviews of this part of the video on other blogs has given me a decent understanding of the show. And before we start, Jonathan plays Dr. Who and Josh plays his "sidekick". So, due to budget cuts, the set of Dr. Who has been downsized to Jonathan's house, and Josh is very upset over this. Jonathan mentions that the budget is only 5 pounds 50 which is equivalent to about $8.48 in American money. Josh and Jonathan go through an adventure through Jonathan's house. When Jonathan tells Josh they are going for the ride of their lives, Josh's face is hysterical. It makes me laugh everytime! And also when Josh is like, "Let's go then!" lol, He's so cute. Then they move onto the "sonic pen" part. In the show, the "sonic pen" is actually called the sonic screwdriver, but they use a pen to "detect life forms" lol. Then, using the pen, they find a "life form" behind a sheet. OH MY. What seems to be Alex is what Jonathan calls a "Cyberman dalek thing" . Jonathan is trying his absolute hardest to tell Josh that the Cyberman will kill him, but Josh won't buy it. Josh says, "It's not even a real monster. It's a Cyberman head, in a bin. It's a Croydon Council Bin!" Then later says, "It's not even a proper monster!" Then Jonathan says, "It is! It's going to kill you!" And Josh responds, "How? How will it kill me? With it's tin foil?" And the face he makes there, Oh my God. The funniest reaction ever. He kills me, this kid! He's great! Then the run for "Tardis" which is the telephone booth- thing which is actually a time machine. When you enter the "Tardis", it gets bigger inside, but here, in the budget cut version, it gets smaller. Jonathan cracks me up when he's like, "Now the thing is, only I have the power to open it." And he makes all of these sound effects and then Josh goes over and opens it and the way Jonathan says "No" with the high pitched voice just makes me laugh. He is so funny lol. Then Josh flips out, throws his afro off and then realized the afro was his own, comes back and gets it, and then storms out.
 "With it's tin foil?" LOL.
Sorry, but I'll have to finish this on Wednesday. I don't have any time to finish it right now :(
To be continued... 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bliss, Carol of the Bells, O Holy Night, London Concert, Survey, Songs of Praise!!

WOW. So I haven't posted in a while. As if I have face planted off of the face of the earth! To be completely honest, I have been too busy with my Nutcracker stuff, and of course the new episodes of Toddlers and Tiaras! But anyway, I am going to make an extremely long post now! YAY. Okay, it's 10 at night, and this is going to take a few hours, so I'm going to stop blabbering on and start.

Bliss TV

So as we all know, Libera took over Bliss TV! Ah! What greatness that is! And the very first reaction I had was LOLOMGTHATWASSOFUNNY. Here is the lovely video:

Here we got the over so lovely Isaac, Cassius, Kavana, Michael and Jude!
Lexi (Mini Angels) posted what the boys said, but of course, because of their accents and them talking over each other, some of it is inaudible.

All: Hello. We're Libera.

Jude: And welcome to our Christmas Carol Takeover. I'm Jude.

Isaac: I'm Isaac.

Cassius: I'm Cassius.

Kavana: I'm Kavana.

Michael: I'm Mike(?)

Isaac: We all, well basically, we all come from lots of different schools in South London.

Cassius: We have some young ones like Isaac here. He's only 8, actually. And we have LOTS of older ones who are like 17 or 16. And like Josh. He's like 100 meters tall.

Kavana: Some people describe Libera as a classic "boy band," as we're called. But we're more of a choir, and we sing our own twists on little Christmas things and Christmas carols that you hear in this Christmas Carols Takeover. Up next is "Walking In the Air" by Aled Jones, who's one of our great friends. We EVEN sang at his wedding.

Cassius: And I think I know how some of it goes. It goes, "I'm walking in the air. And the rest I have forgotten. I think it goes on about snowmen."

Jude: Our next song is going to be played and sung by Paul McCartney which is called "Wonderful Christmastime."

All: It's Christmas!!

Michael: That's right. Um, coming up next, it's Slade.

Isaac: Up next is...

Cassius: "Merry Christmas, Everybody (one)"

All: by Shakin' Stevens.

Kavana: It's time for a break now, but join us, Libera, back here very soon.

Jude: Hello. We are Libera. Our next song is "Last Christmas" by...

All: Wham!

Jude: Our next song is called "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day." Actually, Disney released a video with Donald Duck's 3 nephews wishing it would be Christmas every day. Wishful thinking. It did happen. They got so bored.

Cassius in Donald Duck voice: I wish it could be Christmas every day!

Kavana: Our next song is "Silent Night." Although, when we go to sleep we don't actually have a silent night. Do we?

All: No. There's like cars, trains, planes, buses, helicopters, boats,...

Isaac: Washing machines.

Jude: Cats, dogs.

Kavana: Dishwashers.

Cassius: Especially MY dog. My dog, yeah, she just barks through the night. She's not...?

Kavana: Mice.

Cassius: What?!!

Kavana: Not really. You can get mice. I have a pet mouse.

Jude: And even sometimes my mum even shouts at me dad in an argument.

Isaac: I think we've had enough, everyone.

Cassius: There's a lot of noises, so it's quite hard to get to sleep.

Isaac: We've had enough, mate.

Cassius: Hello. Coming up next is "Let It Snow." And actually there's snow on our Christmas Album, even though we took that picture right in the middle of summer. So, I don't get why it's snowing. Do any of you? No, I wouldn't think so.

Jude: Anyway, when it snows I like to have a snowball fight.

Kavana: Sledging

Cassius: I love making snowball forts, like massive ones like urggg...  Oh, that's not big, is it? A bit bigger.

Kavana: That big.

Isaac: I like putting snow down Cassius' back.

Kavana: Well, anyway, here's Jessica Simpson's "Let It Snow."

Michael: Hello. Up next is Glee with "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

Cassius: I'm actually the most amazing fan of Glee.

Isaac: No you're not. I am.

Cassius: No, no, no, I am. I am.

Jude: Stuff it, you lot. I am.

Cassius: No, I am.

Michael: I am.

Jude: I am.

Cassius: I have Season 1 and 2 but not 3 yet because it actually hasn't come out. I'm going to get it when it comes out.

Kavana: I think we can all say that we all love Glee, and we think it's a fantastic show.

Jude: Coming up next we have "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" by Annie Lennox.

Isaac: Coming up next is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" by Christina Gorilla.

Kavana: Christina Aguilera! Oh! Christina Aguilera! Christina Gorilla - neh, neh, neh! Christina Aguilera!

Cassius: That was our last song in our Christmas Carol Takeover.

Michael: We hope you enjoyed the selection of music.

Jude: We wish you a merry Christmas.

All: And a happy New Year!

Kavana: Ooh! And don't forget, our Christmas Album is out now.

AH. That was honestly the cutest video they've ever put out.
There are no words for how much I really felt about it.

Carol of the Bells

OOOO! Yay!! It didn't surprise me at all that this would get a music video. CAN YOU SPOT THE LION? It was actually the first thing I noticed! It's a very nice video, although I see no Christmas relation. BUT WHO CARES? It was lovely. It would have been lovelier if Sam, Alex, Tiarnan, Ben, Liam, Josh and Jakob were there. But that's okay! It was lovely. Oh and Cassius seemed to take over the last part. It might have been James on my album, but now it is Cassius, since James is no longer in the group it appears, it would be awkward in the video if nothing happened during that last part.

O Holy Night

Well, this is lovely! Beautiful solo from Ralph and then the harmonies from Stefan. It was so nice, but once again without Sam, Alex, Ben, Liam, Tiarnan, Josh and Jakob. But you know what? It's all good. The video was still very nice. I loved the close ups of the boys.

London Concert
This photo is by Bullehynka! She is so awesome!

This is also by Bullehynka! Thanks for the great photos! 

This is a video that Michael (LiberaFan4Ever) took. Not of the actual concert of course, but of them saying hello and goodbye! Woohoo!

Also, Michael took some great photos of Josh, Ben, Matthew, Daniel and Tom! Yes, Tom Cully! No, not a member of the choir anymore, but a behind the scenes member! Yay! And then this is from Lexi's blog at It is a review from their friend Lucy! She did a great job at reviewing the concert for us less fortunate. :D Oh and regarding Freddie and James. Freddie was not at the concert, and not in Libera anymore because he has moved away. Sad face. And James was present at the concert, in an unfamiliar place called the audience. No idea why he isn't there anymore, but it's too bad. At least he was there to root them on! Oh and also, Sam Leggett. He sat out and watched with his family. I saw that coming though :( . Here is the review from Lucy in the UK from the Mini Angels blog!

I arrived at St George's at about 16:45 and there were already a small group of people waiting. I joined the queue and at about 17:00, the boys arrived. We could see them getting down their couch and entering the dressing room beside the cathedral. It was quite cold but we all cheered up when we saw the boys. However, since they have arrived one gentleman started to film and photo (with flashlight on!) standing right below the windows of the dressing room. Luckily and obviously, I guess the chaperons found this quite soon and we could no longer see the boys through the dressing room windows any more... OK, we should all thank this intrusive gentleman for this. I hoped the chaperons could have stopped him. :(

The cathedral doors opened at about 19:00. I collected my ticket from a lady before the doors open. After I secured my seat in the front row, I went to the back of the cathedral and purchased my programmes and a copy of the Christmas album. I sat in the left hand side, with Mr Prizeman's piano and keyboard in front of me. This time the piano and keyboard were put together so Mr Prizeman did not need to "travel" between the two sides of the stage.

Steven's keyboard was on the right side instead and there was a camera man in front of him. They have small LED Tv screens connected to the camera on each of the pillars so even people sitting at the back could have a close view of the stage.
 For the programme, they stated the boys' names in full this time. Like Sammy's name appeared as Samuel and Mini Ben as Benedict. So we can see that Nano Ben was Benjamin Fairman (sounds quite cool, isn't it?) And Barney became Barnaby.

The concert started on time. And it was the same setting as their Philippines tour.

Jubilate+LiberaIt was all dark at first, then I could see several boys entered the stage. I did not figure out who sang the first alleluja but it the second one was from Ralph. This song was always one of my favourites. It transferred into Libera with Eoghan and Luke did the solo parts. But the last high notes, which is my favourite part of this song, were still from Ralph. And he did an amazing job again.

Cassius and Barney's speech to greet the audience.

Joy To the World
Before this song, Mr Prizeman asked the boys to cheer up for the song by waving his hands like dancing, this made us nearly laughed out. What a devoted and funny director he is!

Still, Still, Still
The first row of the boys kneeled during this song. This song was really gentle and calm, and Ralph's solo was perfect.

Song of Life
Ralph's splendid solo again (again, again!). I was nearly in tears during this song. And to me it sounded even better than the CD.

Here Cassius and Mini Michael's speech made people laugh a lot. They introduced us the Moose and "His name is Moose". And they dressed the Moose up with some red and green garlands! They also reminded us not to mistake the Moose with common reindeers, or it will "hurt his feelings". lol

SanctusA classical Libera song. I could hear Stefan's beautiful high notes during the song. And the last Sanctus was by Luke.

Salva Me
The Salvas were done by Matthew RA, but from my seat I could not see him as he was blocked by the big boys. Something off topic, I listen to this one a lot when I got upset, as if to set myself free. lol

Stay With Me
Daniel's solo, with Cassius standing beside him to support. And the high notes were by Matthew RA. And all of them did a great job.

Jude's speech to introduce the musicians.

Veni Emmanuel
Josh and Ralph duet, and the gaudes at the beginning and the end of the song were from Ralph. I like Josh's solo very much, but I'd also love to see Daniel sing it live. And I'm sure it will be amazing.

Very joyful song, solo by Stefan. And I do love the movements and percussions in this song.

Mr Philipp made a short speech to thank the audience and encourage us to share their music with our friends and family. And I promise I definitely will. lol

Carol of the Bells
I was looking forward to seeing this song live and it was great. There were loads of movements and I love Stefan and Ralph's ahhhs. This song was so cheerful and it made me feel warm.

GloriaAnother song with quite a grand image.

Barney's Speech Here's another speech that made me laugh. Barney introduced their robes with Cassius's help. When mentioning the hoods he pulled Cassius's down. Barney returned to his position after he has finished. But Cassius remained where he was with his face covered, until Mr prizeman played the first notes of The Fountain. Then Cassius seemed to have been waken up and joined the boys quickly. lol

The Fountain
This is also one of my favourites and Ralph just sounded amazing with the gentle lower parts and the awesome high parts.

Eternal Light
Stefan's solo. His voice was really powerful and warm. I felt "cured" during this song. lol

Sing the Story
Luke's solo, and this song sounded quite like the CD. For me Luke's voice has quite a special type of brightness and power.

Liam's speech on lower voices.

Ave Verum
Carlos did the solo and Matthew RA on the high notes. And this song was a good chance to hear the big boys. My favourite part of this song was the V shape by the end with Josh in the front. But pity no duet from Jakob... someone said his voice has changed. :(

In Dulci Jubilo
This song was so cheerful and I started to smile automatically the moment I heard it.

Glory To Thee
Eoghan's solo. And I love the way that the song goes from high to low.

Nano Ben's speech. He told us how he got his nickname and wished everyone a merry Christmas. This little one was really adorable! :P

How Shall I Sing That Majesty
Stefan sang the first verse and Eoghan did the second. I think Eoghan will be the next Libera main soloist! This song was really moving and it added a great end to the concert.

Encore: White Christmas
I did not think much about this song before for it sounds a little too pop. But with Stefan's solo and Libera's arrangements I just fell in love with it.

 What a wonderful review!


If you live in the US, click here! 

Songs of Praise

Agh! Why so short? Why skip over the solo? But yet so beautiful!

Ah, finally done. Good night.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Members of Libera at the London Concert!!

ALRIGHT. Hopefully there will be some new pictures of these kids, maybe. I hope. I apologize for the blandness of this post, but here are the members! There are FIVE NEWBIES!! Oh and Jakob DeMenezes- Wood returned!! But Freddie and James did not :(

Henry Barrington
Jonathan Barrington
Ciaran Bradbury- Hickey
Tiarnan Branson
Jude Collins
Luke Collins
Liam Connery
Kavana Crossley
Tom Delgado- Little
Jakob De Menezes- Wood (his voice was sadly transformed to the lower register.. oh well! excited to hear it!!!)
Dylan Duffy
Ben Fairman
Daniel Fontannaz
Matthew Jansen
Stefan Leadbeater
Alex Leggett
Misha Lieven
Barney Lindsell
Isaac London
Josh Madine
Matt Madine
Eoghan McCarthy
Oscar McFall
Michael Menezes
Sammy Moriarty
Jakub Neidermaier- Reed
Cassius O'Connell- White
Ben Philipp
Matthew Rangal- Alvares
Carlos Rodriguez
Ralph Skan
Bertie Smart
Michael Ustynovych- Repa
Lucas Wood

Woohooooo! All 34 boys!! Obviously the ones in the rainbow are the newbies. But, note the names listed in the program were in their full form, not their nicknames. I just put them as we know them. The ones that were changed were:
Benjamin Fairman
Alexander Leggett
Barnaby Lindsell
Joshua Madine
Matthew Madine
Samuel Moriarty
Kuba Neidermaier- Reed
Benedict Philipp

Just to let you know. Oh and it is very possible that Jakob DeMenezes- Wood and Lucas Wood are like brothers or half- brothers or something. And people say that Michael Menezes and Jakob are too, but Jakob has a "De" in front of Menezes, Michael does not. Maybe Bertie Smart has some relation to Alfie!! How great would that be!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Official Christmas Album Preview!

Kavana and Cassius: Hello! We're Libera.
Kavana: And this is our new Christmas album.
Michael: This year we're having a Christmas album which is going to be all Christmas-y.
Ralph: It's a unique sound. I mean we have lots of high notes.
Ben F: My favorite is "In Dulci Jubilo" cause it's very bouncy and jolly, and it's got lots of high parts. Jude: We have little ones who can reach really high for our Christmas sound.
Cassius: In our concerts, at the moment, there's lots of different Christmas songs.
               We get to go to so many different places and it's such an exciting experience.
Barney: It's really an amazing experience because before you go on stage you get this like really really big "buzz".
Michael: And sometimes you can get a bit nervous before a concert but also quite excited.
Cassius: Well, my favorite song is probably, "White Christmas". It's just a very cheerful song and it just reminds you of Christmas Day.
Jude: We hope we made this Christmas more special for our fans around the world because even they don't get to see us, they can enjoy at home listening to us.
Kavana: I think my favorite is "Carol of the Bells", like it's such a dramatic, fast paced, tongue twister.

This was Joy to the World. I don't know if Libera just lined the words with the recorded song very VERY accurately with the boy's mouths or if that's live, but either way it's cool!  

 Kavana and Cassius... in case you didn't realize ;)
This is Joy to the World again. I love watching Carlos sing!
 Michael and Barney. Michael is so cute!

 Ralph and Jude. I love how nervous Jude is throughout this video! It's adorable.
 Joy to the World again. Liam, Matthew RA, Matthew J, Dylan, Ciaran and Ben! Ciaran looks so nervous! I don't blame him. Look how poised Ben looks! Such a veteran.
Matthew RA and Ben. Matthew may not be as outgoing as other kids in the group, but he definitely shows that he wants to be there. He is always so happy and smiling! I love the way Ben says "In Dulci Jubilo" lol, my favorite accent! 
In Dulci Jubilo. Carlos, Daniel, Matthew RA, Dylan.
Veni, Veni Emmanuel! This is so cool! I love the lights and the formation and stuff. Very cool, guys. 
Ralph and Josh. More of a reason why I would LOVE a DVD. I would get to hear Josh sing LIVE. 
Barney having his buzz. LOL. It looks so fun  to be backstage. 
Newbie Jakub looks like he's having so much fun.  Not even the slightest bit nervous.
LOL. Michael! Barney and Kavana were telling him to make a funny face, but Michael didn't even know why they were laughing. Awwww. Jonathan made some hilarious faces and Ben was checking to make sure nothing was in his teeth. Lol Ralph with his ears, THAT'S funny. Funny stuff.
Stefan singing "White Christmas" But where are the rest of the boys?

Oh, there they are! White Christmas again!
Aaah, Carol of the Bells. The next part is, in my opinion, the BEST part of this video. 
When all the boys sharply turn to the side! It was awesome, very very awesome. It's better in the video, lol.
Superstar Josh waving hello to all his fans, mostly the screaming fan girls :P
Barney saw the camera and like, shot up in joy. His face lit up! Always so happy, and LOOK, he lost some teeth!
Eoghan chillaxin in the swing. I would love to have a swing like that lol, my friend has one and it's honestly so much fun. 

SO THAT was a great video! Thanks Libera! (pray for DVD!!)